April 12 - April 15


We're bringing our entire booth online to connect virtually, answer any questions you have and show off some exciting new things we've been working on! You can also sign up for individual office hours with us below.

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About Fitabase
Our Mission

Our mission at Fitabase is to enable researchers to use the latest tools, devices, and apps to further our collective knowledge. We’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible for researchers to deploy the “new tools of wellness” to measure, track, and engage their participants.

What devices do you support?

Currently, we support the entire ecosystem of wearable activity tracking devices and internet-connected scales from Fitbit and Garmin, as well as Dexcom's continuous glucose monitors. We’re constantly exploring new opportunities to support additional devices and health data applications.

What is Fitabase?

Fitabase is a comprehensive data management platform designed to support innovative research projects using wearable and internet-connected devices.

What data can I get from Fitabase?

Fitabase collects all physical activity data tracked by Fitbit devices. This includes steps, activity intensity, energy expenditure, and METs. For Garmin devices this includes steps, activity metrics, calories, HR, sleep, stress, VO2 max & Fitness Age.

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